Garage Sale Trail Day

24 October 2015 , In: house, upcycling , With: No Comments

Garage Sale Trail Day!

The inspired people at co-ordinated Garage Sales across Australia to maximise the chance of finding that hidden treasure… and boy did we get lucky!

Recycled, re-used and repurposed bargains toppled out of the pannier bags on the bicycles as we grabbed an umbrella holder for $2… A stunning decorative metal tree for $5… 20 glass milk bottles for Christmas presents for $5…Raspberry plants for $1… and that was before we came across our find of the day! We peddled home quickly and grabbed the car to try and squeeze an enormous (and very heavy!) tree  branch, ladder and piece of art into the back of the car.

The ladder had been on our list for sometime so we could finally check the manhole in the roof and assess storage potential… Only $5!

We didn’t find the lamps we went in search of, but we certainly had a lot of fun.

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