DIY Weather Station (IOT stuff – MQTT)

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(warning, heaps of acronyms below).

As mentioned by Lauren, a while back we configured a mosquitto server.  Mosquitto is a open source message broker that uses the MQTT protocol, which is one the protocols of the Internet of  Things.  Acronyms and buzzwords aside, the intention behind this was to extend the potential range of home automation devices. Let’s DIY and geek up the automation project !(if that’s possible).

After some extensive investigation (i.e. a week), we decided to invest in a Linkit  ONE development board. Compared with other alternatives, it already comes with WiFi and 3G interfaces and  is Arduino friendly . It is also compatible with the manufacturer’s Grove ecosystem, which allows you to easily plug a wide collection of sensors. This is great if you want to test out ideas (well, also the in-house electronic engineer is not great at soldering…..).

After playing  a little bit with the different sensors, voilà!  The board is hidden in a bookcase and reporting temperature, humidity and light on the ground floor.  In combination with the tado, this will be very useful next summer!

The next step is to get the DIY weather station and veggie patch monitor – after getting a good solar battery and 3D printing a case. Maybe  we have the start of a future kickstarter project ? :)


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