How to create a courtyard for less than $800…

9 May 2016 , In: garden, house, lights, solar , With: No Comments

Courtyards, for me, always conjure up romantic notions of secret gardens in Paris, framed by elegant wrought iron gates, speckled with flowers, oceans of greenery and dainty lights, where you can sip tea and read the afternoon away. Turning our small patch of dirt into a novel worthy oasis would certainly have taken a magician, but with a little bit of hard work and a lot of luck we’ve created a cute space that helps expand our living area – all for less than $800!

Finding the task of building a deck a little daunting (and not being able to find good quality recycled timber anywhere) we turned our focus to pavers. Scouting gumtree and ebay we reviewed every secondhand paving option we could without much luck. It was after a visit to the paving specialists up north that we discovered Timberstone. Beautiful, easy to lay, pavers that look just like old wooden planks. Eureka! Sourcing some was a little more difficult, but in the end all the timberstone, plus delivery came in at $600… with and extra $100 for the sand to sit the pavers on.

Luck struck us on ebay with a secondhand ikea table and chairs going for only $20. A bit weather worn, we gave them a coat of bright turquoise paint leftover from other projects. Ebay again sourced us some cute solar lights to string up above the courtyard for $40… and with secondhand trellis available on gumtree for $5 we were set!

Shovel by shovel we moved some of our excess riverstones from the front yard veggie patch displacement to the border of the garden and put into the ground all the plants we’d acquired from ebay and bunnings:

  • Jasmine (two varieties)
  • Passionfruit
  • Raspberry
  • Lemon
  • Daffodils (from Grandma)
  • Oregano
  • Peace lily
  • Varying succulents

With the last of the warm weather fading fast for winter we’re hoping the plants have had time enough to establish themselves to be ready to thrive in spring!

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