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7 January 2017 , In: automation, house , With: No Comments

Ok, a slightly nerdy title, but I was a big Captain Planet fan back in the day and Carlos’s feat during his extra week of holidays deserves superhero status – or at the very least a great theme song!

After a few days of grumblings about versions and missing drivers, I came home on Friday to discover that not only Alexa, but Siri could control the house! For those with Apple devices, HomeKit is Apple’s way of letting your device talk to smart home enabled devices. Up until now Alexa and Apple have been in different universes, but no longer. Using the latest OpenHab Carlos was able to integrate Siri. This means that we don’t need to be in earshot of Alexa to issue voice commands to the house.

At 9pm on a hot summer night in Melbourne, 15mins away from home on the train, phone in pocket, Carlos was able to say:
“Hey Siri, turn on downstairs air con” and it worked!

Aside from the coolness factor of having a voice controlled house, it opens up huge potential for people with mobility problems – like my Grandma – who might struggle to close the blinds or reach up to the light switch, but can happily issue commands to Alexa or Siri :-)

Great work Carlos!

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